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            春風化雨,潤物無聲 ---記楊蕾老師領航課

            I love three things in my life: the sun, the moon and you. The sun is for the day, the moon is for the night and you forever. …”世之萬物,吾愛有三:一曰為日,一曰為月,一曰為汝。日出晝也,月升夜也,愛汝恒也!……


            “那么,日月對每個人意味著什么?Amanda真的是影響Frank的那個big girl嗎?”“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you see him through rose colored glasses but later you will be able to see him as he is.情人眼里出西施,你看到的她未必是真正的她吧?!笨磥?,女孩們還真的非常理性呢。

            Do you think students can really understand real love? Whats your understanding of love? ”楊老師的問題逐漸深入,女孩們的回答也令人驚喜?!?span style="font-family:'times new roman';">Love is not to take, but to give.

            Love doesnt mean an attractive gift, but sincere support.”“Love means devotion.”這時,楊老師順勢在屏幕上打出一首愛的小詩,帶領大家領悟“愛”的真諦。

            Love is giving,

            Love is living,

            Love is taking someone's load,

            Love helps them along the road.

            Love is caring,

            Love is sharing,

            Love will seek the best for others,

            Love treats everyone as brothers.

            Love is mom’s kiss and dad’s pat.

            Love is a key to opening the door of a closed heart.

            Love is the teacher’s giving lectures when he is ill.

            Love is passing a cup of tea to teachers during the break.

            Love is sending postcards to parents on their birthdays.


            Love is all ..

            Love is all

              接著楊老師帶著學生回看Frank的情書:“In my eyes, there is nobody but you.”并且提問學生:“What is in your eyes? What can you see with your eyes? ”透過我們的眼睛,我們可以看到父母老師和朋友對我們的默默支持、我們可以看到自然帶給我們的繽紛多彩、我們可以看到生活中溫馨的點點滴滴……



            “As a teenager, I don't think we can understand real love because we haven't experienced a lot yet. Also, what you see is not what I am because we don't know each other very well.

            In addition, in our eyes, we have many beloved ones. We should love our parents, our friends and many other people because they love us, too. We can do something more meaningful at this age. We can enjoy our study and follow our dreams. But dont only think about love.

            I'm afraid I can't accept your feeling and your love. However, we can be best friends as usual and take on new challenges together.


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